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Title: Trying to switch BaseCamp - Question
Post by: Cheminer Will on September 11, 2016, 06:23:07 pm
I have used this map and NW Topo for a long time on my 60csx, with Mapsource.  I am still a beginner with BaseCamp but it seems the NWTrails does not overlay the same in BC as it did in Mapsource?  I noticed long ago that NW Topos has some (maybe all?) of the NW Trails so this may not matter but:  In Mapsource I believe I was somehow able to get the NW Trails to overlay clearly on the base map.  This is how it looks on my 60csx also.  But with BaseCamp I can only seem to get the NW Trails by itself, any underlying base map goes away as soon as I check Trails.

Also I know on my 60csx I have always been able to check more than one may at a time to display.  Maybe that is what I am remembering and my Mapsource recollection is wrong?

Finally - If I want to load two maps from Basecamp to my GPSr, do I have to somehow upload them from BaseCamp simultaneously? If done one after the other, will BC delete the first when I upload the 2nd?


Title: Re: Trying to switch BaseCamp - Question
Post by: Moun10Bike on September 12, 2016, 05:09:20 pm
When uploading from BaseCamp, you have to be sure to do a "custom/partial" upload and only select the state tiles, making sure to NOT select the background tile. Otherwise, you will end up loading the non-transparent background map that is only there to make it easier to locate things when viewing the mapset on the computer. The default "complete" upload includes that background tile and prevents other loaded mapsets from displaying under the trails on the GPS.

As for uploading multiple/subsequent mapsets, I believe that BaseCamp is smarter than MapSource in that it gives each map a name based on the source map, so different uploads have different names and do not affect one another when coming from different source mapsets. With MapSource, everything is always uploaded with the same generic map name, so uploading a second mapset overwrites the first one.

Title: Re: Trying to switch BaseCamp - Question
Post by: Cheminer Will on September 18, 2016, 11:26:01 am
Thanks! So the only other thing from my above post that I am not sure of is the difference, if any, of the trails on NW Topo vs NW trails.  

Are all the trails that are in the NW Trails map also in the NW Topos map? When I click back and forth between the two maps, the trails seem to be identical. But I seem to remember that there was a difference years ago?  

I like having the topos on so maybe I don't even need the trails map?  Or if I use a map other than NW Topos I can have the NW Trails as an overlay?  I guess I am just a little unclear on the difference between the two and how best to use them.

on edit:  I just found the following in a post here from 6 years ago!  "Oh yeah, and Northwest Topos contains all of the trails collected and integrated from Northwest Trails!"  So if this is still correct and I like NW Topos, then I guess I don't need NW Trails?

Title: Re: Trying to switch BaseCamp - Question
Post by: Moun10Bike on September 18, 2016, 12:43:10 pm
The trails are identical (expect in places where I've neglected to tag data for inclusion in one mapset or the other).

NW Trails is useful as an overlay in other mapsets, such as the Garmin City Navigator maps. NW Topos is intended as a stand-alone set for off-road navigation.

As for overwriting your existing mapset, that is dependent on the GPS you have and the firmware it is running. It used to be that everything was given the same name (gmapsupp.img) and units could only recognize that name, so uploading a mapset would write over the existing one. Most of the newer Garmin units these days allow for the file to be named anything, and BaseCamp is smart enough to name the files based on the content being uploaded.

Title: Re: Trying to switch BaseCamp - Question
Post by: Cheminer Will on September 18, 2016, 08:24:47 pm
Thanks again.  I spent a bunch of time with BaseCamp today and am really starting to break through the initial learning curve. It really is a lot better than Mapsource ever was.

One of the tracks I was playing with was from a hike last Wednesday in the Sky Lakes Wilderness and was the same hike I did a couple of years ago. At that time I had noticed that my track on the trail was quite a bit different than what was in NW Topos for that trail.  Back then I just assumed that somehow I, or the satellites that day were off somehow. However when I transferred my track from last Wednesday to BaseCamp to make it a route, I saw that it matched perfectly what I got from 2 years ago.  I also compared a few known waypoints along the trail to both my route and the trail route in NW Topos.  My track was right on the waypoints and the NW Topos was quite a bit off.  In a situation like that are you interested in having the track/route sent to you?  It is not so far off that someone would lose the trail, and I already am astounded by the amount of work you have put into these maps, so am hesitant to be sending you something like this.

Title: Re: Trying to switch BaseCamp - Question
Post by: Moun10Bike on September 27, 2016, 07:05:49 pm
Sorry for my delayed response - busy couple of weeks!

I definitely appreciate getting all tracks, even for those trails that seem to match up well already in the database. It helps me narrow down when changes *are* made to the trail, and lets me know the current state matches what's in the mapset.