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Title: Losing Points When Saving
Post by: Cheminer Will on December 07, 2018, 04:01:36 pm
As explained in the track submission instructions on this site, when saving a track on a GPSr, it reduces the number of points.  On my 60CSx, when I save a track it reduces the points in the track by about 1/2.  Does anyone know if the newer GPSr's like the 66st do the same thing? Or has Garmin allowed for a way to avoid that?

I ask because on some days I hike more than one distinct trail and rather than have one long track that needs to be divided, I think it would be easier to be able to save separate, original quality tracks.

Plus sometimes I go on a few hikes before I download from my 60CSx and so I have to save tracks on their own. It does not seem to make the track when displayed in Basecamp noticeably different. But... just the idea that the original track may have had 1,000 points and the saved track has only 500, bothers me.

On edit:  I got an answer to this on another forum where I was told the newer units no longer do this.  Specifically: 
As Robertlipe pointed out, the 'newer' Garmin GPSr no longer do this. The Recorded GPX will be the same on the unit and anywhere you copy it to, with all track points intact.

Title: Re: Losing Points When Saving
Post by: Moun10Bike on December 08, 2018, 04:59:01 pm
That's good to know; I would have expected no change from Garmin on this!