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News: Northwest Trails v1.80 now available (December 16, 2014)
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Author Topic: Northwest Trails v1.57 Now Available  (Read 4365 times)
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« on: May 12, 2010, 09:18:37 am »

Thanks to a project shipping at work, a family vacation, and a mother in the hospital, it's been a very busy couple of months!  This means that I haven't been able to get a release of Northwest Trails out for a while and so this one is packed with new submissions.

There have been some significant changes behind the scenes on the project as well.  You'll note that the downloads are considerably smaller now despite containing more data.  This is because I have moved from using GPSMapEdit for generating the Polish MP files (the files used to compile the map images that install on your computer and in your GPS) to Global Mapper.  With Global Mapper, I can automate the entire mapset creation process so that once I have all of the trail changes in the database, I can effectively push a button, sit back, and wait for the process to pop out the finished install package.  It saves a lot of manual effort and reduces the chance for human error in that sequence of steps.  Global Mapper also stores the data displayed for different zoom levels in a different way than GPSMapEdit, leading to the smaller file size.

I now have the Northwest Topos process automated as well, which is an even larger time saver and will mean that I can release Northwest Trails and Northwest Topos concurrently with the same up-to-date trail information.  First, though, I need to get some other changes in for Northwest Topos before releasing the next version.

With a lot of changes like this the chance for some kinks and errors is more likely, so please let me know if you run into any issues.  Thanks and enjoy!

Version 1.57 (May 12, 2010)

    * Returned previous "high visibility" typeset to the setup package and gave users 3 choices of typeset
    * Fleshed out the Klickitat Trail using aerial imagery (between Lyle and Warwick, WA)
    * Adjusted some of the trails of Paradise Valley Conservation Area (near Woodinville, WA)
    * Overhauled the Rattlesnake Ledge and Rattlesnake Mountain Trails (near North Bend, WA)
    * Added Astoria Riverwalk from TrailLink.com (Astoria, OR)
    * Added Warrenton Waterfront Trail from TrailLink.com (Warrenton, OR)
    * Added missing portions of the Banks-Vernonia State Trail (OR)
    * Data courtesy of The Jester:
          o Portions of the Lake Youngs Trail (Renton, WA)
          o Minor trail in Spring Lake/Lake Desire Park (Renton, WA)
          o Changes in Des Moines Creek Park as a result of new jail construction (SeaTac, WA)
          o Confirmations and additions in McGarvey Park Open Space (Renton, WA)
          o A couple of additional side trails in Cougar Mountain Regional Park (near Issaquah, WA)
          o Additional minor trail in Coalfield Park (Renton, WA)
          o Trails in May Valley 164th Natural Area (Renton, WA)
          o Extension of the Springbrook Trail near Boeing Longacres Industrial Park (Renton, WA)
          o Corrections and additions to the Edmond Swamp trail system (Dupont, WA)
          o Corrections and additions to Clark Lake Park trails (Kent, WA)
          o Corrections to the Little Si and Boulder Garden Loop Trails (North Bend, WA)
          o Wandering Creek trails (Kent, WA)
          o Several updates in the Taylor Mountain area (near Hobart, WA)
          o Trails off of Royal Hills Dr SE (Renton, WA)
          o Paved road leading through McGarvey Park Open Space (near Lake Desire, WA)
          o Trails adjacent to Fairwood Square (Renton, WA)
          o Tacoma Community College (Tacoma, WA)
          o Snake Lake Park (Tacoma, WA)
          o A neighborhood access trail off of Chambers Creek Rd (Tacoma, WA)
    * Data courtesy of crs98:
          o Extensions of the Big Gulch and Library Trails at Big Gulch (Mukilteo, WA)
    * Data courtesy of Brad Payne:
          o Klickitat Trail (between Lyle and Warwick, WA)
    * Data courtesy of hydnsek:
          o Additional trails in Phillip Arnold Park (Renton, WA)
    * Data courtesy of Mark Allen:
          o Confirmation of trails on Mount Washington (near North Bend, WA)
          o Confirmation of, adjustments to, and additional roads and trails on Tiger Mountain (near Issaquah, WA)
    * Data courtesy of savant9:
          o Ziegler Trail (near Fort Langley, BC)
          o Additions to the Burnaby Lake Trail (near Burnaby, BC)
    * Data courtesy of snowghost:
          o Additional trails in High Drive Parkway (Spokane, WA)
          o Additional trails in James Slavin Conservation Area (near Spokane, WA)
    * Data courtesy of Matt Slaney:
          o Green Mountain State Forest (near Bremerton, WA)
          o Overhaul of the Port Gamble trail system on Pope Resources Land (near Port Gamble, WA)
    * Data courtesy of Rob Gould:
          o Trails at Shellburg Falls (near Mill City, OR)
    * Data courtesy of lucyandrickie:
          o Minor trails in Potholes Wildlife Area (near Othello, WA)
          o Edith Moulton Park (Kirkland, WA)
          o Rattlesnake Ledge and Rattlesnake Mountain Trails (near North Bend, WA)
          o Napavine Trail in Matilda Jackson State Park (near Napavine, WA)
          o Unpaved roads on the Saddle Mountains (near Taunton, WA)
    * Data courtesy of Li1gray:
          o Additional trail in Johns Park (Anchorage, AK)
    * Data courtesy of SamSpade47:
          o 172nd Street Trail and additional waypoints (Redmond, WA)
    * Data courtesy of John Viveiros:
          o Additional roads and trails in the Fishtrap Lake BLM Area (near Sprague, WA)
          o Trail in the Eagle Ridge area (Spokane, WA)
          o Trails in Northrup canyon in Steamboat Rock State Park (near Electric City, WA)
          o Horse Lake Mountain Trail (near Wenatchee, WA)
    * Data courtesy of thebudman:
          o Additional trails in High Drive Parkway (Spokane, WA)
    * Data courtesy of smksmith:
          o Unpaved road off of Monroe Camp Road near Lake Roesiger, WA
          o Adjustments to the Youngs River Truck Trail in the Marckworth State Forest (near Monroe, WA)
    * Data courtesy of _Shaddow_:
          o Overhaul of Watershed Park trails (Kirkland, WA)
          o Access trail to Illahee Neighborhood trail system (Sammamish, WA)
          o North City Park trails (Shoreline, WA)
          o Richmond Beach (Shoreline, WA)
          o Additional trail in Bothell off of NE 182nd Pl (WA)
          o Additional data at Big Finn Hill Park (Kirkland, WA)
          o Additional data around the Anti-Aircraft Peak Trailhead at Cougar Mountain (near Issaquah, WA)
          o Additional trails at the Ballybunion Trailhead at Cougar Mountain (Newcastle, WA)
          o Trails in Rhododendron Park (Kenmore, WA)
          o Adjustments and additions to the Puget Power Trail (Redmond, WA)
          o Additional trails in the Willows Fjords area (Redmond, WA)
          o Additional data at Griffin Creek Natural Area (near Carnation, WA)
          o Additional trail at Taylor Mountain (near Hobart, WA)
          o Additional trails near the Tokul Tunnel Trailhead on the Snoqualmie Valley Trail (near Snoqualmie, WA)
          o Zetron Trail (Redmond, WA)
          o Dirt road and minor trail near the Rattlesnake Ledge Trailhead (near North Bend, WA)
          o Additional trail and corrections near 327th Ave NE (near Lake Margaret, WA)
          o Additional trails in the Sahalee neighborhood of Sammamish, WA
    * Data courtesy of k9sarfrog:
          o Additional trails in Big Finn Hill Park (Kirkland, WA)
          o Additional trails in St. Edward State Park (Juanita, WA)
          o Additional trail in Tokul East network (near Fall City, WA)
    * Data courtesy of Dwoodford:
          o Wandering Creek trails (Kent, WA)
    * Data courtesy of Erik Olson:
          o Meadowdale County Park (Edmonds, WA)
          o Trails in the former Innis Arden Reserve (Shoreline, WA)
    * Data courtesy of EraSeek:
          o Rattlesnake Ledge and a portion of the Rattlesnake Mountain Trails (near North Bend, WA)
          o Dungeness Spit (Port Angeles, WA)
          o Lummi Island Congregational Church beach trail (WA)
    * Data courtesy of quadsinthemudd:
          o Lewiston Levee Trails (Lewiston, ID)
          o Spring Valley Recreation Area (near Troy, ID)
    * Data courtesy of Donn Harvey:
          o Adjustments and additions to trails in Walker Valley (near Big Lake, WA)
    * Data courtesy of QuigleyJones:
          o Trails in Alice Lake Provincial Park (near Squamish, BC)
    * Data courtesy of 2canam:
          o Unnamed ATV trail network near Prince George, BC
    * Data courtesy of 2canam (via MaliBooBoo):
          o Unnamed ATV trails at Gravel Pit Lake (near Prince George, BC)
    * Data courtesy of AndrewRJ:
          o Additional trail in Bassett Pond Natural Area (near Cottage Lake, WA)
          o Additional leg of the Levy Trail (Carnation, WA)
          o Unpaved road in the Cedar Ponds area of the Marckworth State Forest (near Monroe, WA)
          o Confirmation of the trail to Chukar Amphitheater (Yakima Canyon, WA)
          o Additional roads on DNR land near High Rock (near Monroe, WA)
          o Neighborhood trails connecting to the Tolt Pipeline Trail (Woodinville, WA)
          o Additional trails in the Ring Hill Forest (Woodinville, WA)
          o Confirmation of trails near Crystal Lake (Woodinville, WA)
          o Additional minor trail in Coalfield Park (Renton, WA)
    * Data courtesy of dronnord:
          o Confirmation and adjustments to the Peace - Athabasca Trail (near Smith, AB)
          o Trail up to old Grizzly Lookout Tower site (near Slave Lake, AB)
    * Data courtesy of RottenWood:
          o Confirmation of Cedar Grove powerline trails (near Maple Valley, WA)
    * Data courtesy of intolerable:
          o Confirmation of and additions to trails at Bowman Bay (Deception Pass State Park, WA)
    * Data courtesy of nolenator:
          o New route of the Kamikaze Trail below Kamikaze Falls (near North Bend, WA)

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