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Washington DeLorme Challenge (GCQQ9B)

Data Submission Page

Thank you for taking part in the Washington DeLorme Challenge! This is where you can upload your file of cache finds and, if you have hides placed before October 31, 2005, your file of cache hides. The formats that are supported are .GPX, .LOC, and .ZIP (containing only .GPX and/or .LOC files). Note that event caches, CITO caches and locationless caches do not count toward the Challenge.

Please be sure to put all of your finds into one single file and all of your hides into a single file. In addition, please upload your complete finds and hides file each time you submit data, not just any new data since your last submission. We do not keep data once the map has been generated, so we need all of your data each time.

Please keep in mind that the participant maps and completed quadrangles data currently require some manual work to create, so there will be a delay between your upload and when a human can post your results.

Enjoy yourself!

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